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02 December 2021
Greg Satell, Andrea Kates, and Todd McLees
Digital transformation is not just about technology. Success involves far more than simply procuring competent vendors and doing some user training. These initiatives can no longer be left solely at t ... more>
17 November 2021
Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand
The 2021 financial year saw our members leading the way and overcoming the many health, work and emotional challenges unfolding as ...
10 November 2021
Benjamin Mueller and Jens Lauterbach
Many organizations are confronting the question of how to integrate fragmented and often makeshift digitalization efforts in a way ...
03 November 2021
Luke Clancy
An explosion in the number of internet-enabled devices is opening up banks and financial firms to an exponentially greater array o ...
27 October 2021
Shameek Kundu
Many view Chinese and Western approaches to AI regulation as oil and water. While significant differences exist, there is more overlap than one might ...
15 October 2021
Anup Kumar
Recent history has revealed that traditional policies and systems aren’t enough to protect our organizations from significant disruption. Lineda ...
05 October 2021
Andrew Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, CPA Australia
Not before time, Australia has a national plan for business support during significant lockdowns. Now our governments must develop a support plan for ...
28 September 2021
Tony Zhang
In an uncertain COVID-19 job market, upcoming accountants will need to demonstrate strong quantifiable value and upgrade their CVs to prepare to stand ...
21 September 2021
Mark Enticott
Bowen Partners wishes you a Happy Mid-Autumn. ...
13 September 2021
Frank Martela and Jukka Luoma
Given that artificial intelligence is increasingly overtaking people on a range of expert tasks, will it someday make human managers obsolete? Luckily ...
06 September 2021
Henry Kronk
Is the compliance profession stressful? We suspect the answer to the question can be summarized as “yes.” But we don’t know for sure ...
23 August 2021
FTI Consulting
Over the past decade, cyber incidents stemming from third-party suppliers have been growing in number—and sophistication. In the earliest incide ...